Cheder AZ was founded in 2013 with a small 1st grade class. We are excited about the coming year where we will be on a new campus, additional students, and new staff.

Cheder Lubavitch Arizona offers a dual curriculum in Judaic and secular studies. Students are engaged with Judaic studies during the morning hours until noon. Cheder Lubavitch Arizona offers a comprehensive Judaic curriculum including (but not limited to) prayer, Chumash, Hebrew reading, Hebrew writing, Parsha, Jewish Holidays, and Yiddish language.

Our school has adopted the “Zekelman Standards” providing Judaic standards comparable to the“common core” standards adopted for secular studies. The Zekelman standards have been implemented to ensure a high level of excellence and to guarantee that no child is slips behind his grade level.

Secular studies begin at 12:30 and are in compliance with the Arizona State Standards.  All textbooks used are compatible with the Common Core curriculum. Subjects include: math, grammar, reading, writing, spelling, science and social studies. Our school is currently using the “Journeys” program for language arts and the “Go Math” program for math. Science and social studies are integrated within the “Journeys” textbook.