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Dear Cheder Parents & Students,
One of the most important skills for Chumash learning is vocabulary. We've compiled a list of over 400 of the most common words in Chumash. Students across all the grades will be learning units of words throughout the year with school-wide tests on specific days. (see test date calendar below)

Students review the words each week with their teachers in school, and are encouraged to review them at home as well. Each test is accumulative from the previous units of the year as well as words from previous years.

On this page you will find links to review the units for each grade and level. 
Rabbi Eliezer Shaw
Mrs. Rivky Friedman
Rabbi Yossi Friedman
1st Grade Boys
1st Grade Girls
6th Grade Girls
2nd Grade Boys
3rd Grade Boys

2nd Grade Girls
3rd Grade Girls
4th Grade Girls
4th Grade Boys
5th Grade Boys
6th Grade Boys
7th Grade Boys

5th Grade Girls
7th Grade Girls
Test Dates
Test dates 11x17 calender format.jpg
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